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    Part idealistic visionary, part modern Artemis and part songwriter and performer, Amarrah brings her ethereal and soulful voice to contemporary pop.

    Living in the beautiful forests, mountains and oceans of British Columbia, Canada, she loves to share her strong connection with the natural world through her music. 

    Amarrah studied at the prestigious Grant MacEwan University and graduated on the Dean's List in 2004. Starting off in coffeehouses andperforming atoutdoor festivals, fundraisers, bars, restaurants, & casinos,she later sang in a 7 piece cover band andrecorded a few of her songs beforeshe recorded her first EP in California with Brothers Koren. She frequently collaborates with other artists and musicians and composed a film score for an animated film screened at the Ottawa Film Festival.She currently is composing orchestral pieces for film with another musician. A teacher and a performer,Amarrah started off as the underdog and late bloomer in the music industry.  Besides organ lessons from age 8 to 15, she didn't take music seriously until she was 23. Her college instructors respected her heart and grit as she had to work twice as hard as other students who had been studying music since childhood.Amarrah lives in British Columbia, where she writes and performs music.

    A modern mystic on a mission to inspire change,she hopes to make the world a better place by creating music that speaks to the soul.Knowing that sound and intention equals healing, she offers uplifting, soulful songs that resonate with the heart and awaken the listener to their own power as stewards of the planet.  

    Remaining true to her passion and vision, Amarrah always aims for the heart of her audience. She has intuitively known how to communicate with animals ever since she was a little girl and had numerous interactions with owls, orcas, dolphins, bears and wolves in the wild that defy explanation. Amarrah expresses this magical connection with a passion, bringing something new and refreshing to pop music.